A Message From Our Foundation Founders:
Jay Shorr & Mara Shorr

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, an incredible tragedy in American history occurred in Parkland, Florida when the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre occurred. As a resident of Coral Springs/Parkland, Florida, and a concerned citizen of our community, I feel compelled to do anything to aid and assist our community now and well into the future. 

We lost 17 heroes that day, innocent children and dedicated teachers. These teachers gave their lives in order to protect our most precious assets, and what they believed in most… our children. With courage, and without questioning their responsibility, these teachers put the safety of their students well ahead their own and saved countless other lives in the process. We even lost a few JROTC students, who became heroes on our school’s battlefield. 

jay shorr_mara shorr headshot

Our foundation’s father-daughter team. Jay A. Shorr and Mara L. Shorr

Our dedication to raise money is not based on any political boundaries. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue.  This is a concern for American citizens and our neighboring visitors. We ALL need to work together to help one another and eliminate the current and potential dangers among us. We cannot do this alone, and we all need to work together to make a difference. 

This non-profit foundation has been formed to raise money which will eventually be passed on working in tandem with the Broward Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation associated with the Broward County School District. We want to ensure that all money raised will be able to be used at our foundation’s discretion, and not have to wait for any governmental or school board approval which could possibly take months and even years. We need to help get our schools back, and make our students feel welcome and feel safe. 

We have secured a national law firm and a local accountant who have agreed to donate their time in creating the non-profit foundation, and prepare the proper accounting and tax filing, all pro-bono. Our committee has also secured a website vendor to help us share our message and assist us to solicit for contributions for this foundation. All officers and directors, corporate sponsors, and committee members are exclusively volunteers, and no one associated with this campaign will be compensated in any manner for their time and efforts with this campaign. 

We make our plea to all of you to give whatever you can. No amount is too small. Please reach out to your friends, neighbors and family and share our mission. We know that with all of your help, we WILL make a difference. The children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have shown that this generation has had enough pain and suffering, and they are committed to effectuate immediate change.  

Thank you, 

Jay A. Shorr, Founder 

Mara L. Shorr – Co-Founder 

On Behalf of MSD Save Our Schools, Inc.